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About us

  Klinker Bt., the predecessor of our company, was established in 1990 as a family-owned business and, aimed to expand our private designer work. At the beginning we operated part time, but in due course we started to design full time. Due to the increased amount of orders and enhanced needs of procurers the company was transformed to a Limited Liability Company in 2000 and our team has been consistently enlarged to the present number of 7 people.

  In order to meet the needs of procurers and the expectations of the market we have installed the computer based design. Beside the orders of self-detached houses, our company's activity beseeming to the customers' needs has begun to focus on industrial, commercial, and agricultural assignments, a tendency that still keeps on going.

  The request for complex-plans appears vigorously from our customers, so we undertake general-design work as well, in which we involve joint-professionals (like electrical, mechanical and structural engineers or landscape architects) as sub-contractors.

  In order to improve the complacence of the customers and avoid the incidental market-losing we introduced a quality-assurance system in 2002. This system is audited annually to guarantee the high level of professional work, that is determined by the satisfaction of the customers. In general our work is to make the architectural plan of existing or new agricultural facilities, industrial, commercial and entertainer units, apartment houses or self-detached houses. As a new range of activity, we joined to design facilities on nature reservations, like look-out towers and footbridges. Apart from making the architectural plan we transact the early discussions with the public utilities and the authorities. We participate in the authorization process, as well as creating an architectural budget.

  Our profession of faith is that the best promotion to our company is the contented customer.

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